Jews & Non-Jews

The Noahide Laws

Seven commandments which, according to Jewish tradition, are incumbent upon all of humankind.

What Is Idolatry?

Rejection of "foreign worship" is a primary commandment and central to the Jewish worldview.

Ask the Expert: Adopted Mother

According to Jewish law, am I Jewish if my adopted mother is Jewish?

Ask the Expert: Jews in Church

Is it OK for a practicing Jew to attend church on a Christian holiday?

What Jews Can Learn from the New Testament

A rich source for understanding the history of Judaism and the history of anti-Semitism.

The Jewish “Gentile” Governor of Utah

Simon Bamberger was the first non-Mormon governor in a state where even Jews are "gentiles."

What Jews Should Know About Christianity

It's time to clear up Jewish misconceptions about Christians.

The Chosen People

How does the concept of the uniqueness and choseness of the Jewish people inform our relationship with God and with non-Jews?

The Pope on the Jews

John Paul II put great emphasis on improving Catholic-Jewish relations.

Economic Justice for Insiders and Outsiders

Biblical laws of business ethics.

I’m Not Jewish, But My Summer Internship Was

So… what’s it like working at a Jewish office when you’re not Jewish?

Jews & Non-Jews Quiz

Today, Jews are in dialogue and cooperation with other religions, even rethinking the definitions of Jewishness and chosenness. But what ...