Purim Food

Chocolate Hamantaschen with Irish Cream Filling Recipe

A crisp chocolate cookie crust with a rich, spiked center.

Rosemary Hamantaschen with Balsamic Caramelized Onion Jam

I have never really loved the idea of savory hamantaschen. My sweet tooth just revolts at the concept. But after ...

Neopolitan Hamantaschen

Purim has always been one of my favorites out of the many, many Jewish holidays. Dressing up in fun costumes, ...

Meat Kreplach

A recipe for traditional meat dumplings.

Candy Infused Vodka

A colorful and alcoholic treat that's perfect for Purim (or any) revelry.

How to Make Savory Hamantaschen, Six Ways

Bourekas hamantaschen! Pizza hamantaschen! And more.

Chocolate and Sprinkles Dipped Hamantaschen Recipe

Buttery hamantaschen made a little fancy with chocolate.

Milk and Cereal Hamantaschen Recipe

The comforting indulgence of breakfast cereal is the starting point for these fun and celebratory Purim treats.

What Are Hamantaschen?

The triangular pastries associated with the holiday of Purim.

Purim Party Pomegranate Punch

Because vodka and pomegranates make everything better.

Why Do Jews Eat Hamantaschen on Purim?

A brief history of the distinctive triangular pastry.

How to Make the Perfect Hamantaschen

With these few easy steps, all bakers can avoid the curse of the leaky hamantaschen.