Hamantaschen Recipes

PSA: Hamantaschen Are Not Christmas Cookies

Please stop calling them “Peanut Butter and Jelly Triangles.”

Cheesy Greek Triangles Are the Perfect Savory Bite for Purim

This recipe originates from the Romaniote Jewish community, and is perfect for Shabbat and holidays.

Easy Pizza Hamantaschen Recipe

Just three ingredients to cheesy hamantaschen goodness!

Tahini Chocolate Chip Hamantaschen Recipe

Chocolate and tahini are a perfect pairing for Purim.

How to Make Hamantaschen Cereal for Purim

Who wouldn't want tiny hamantaschen for breakfast?

This Is the Easiest Hamantaschen Recipe Ever

It all starts with a box of Duncan Hines Yellow Cake mix...

Dulce de Leche Hamantaschen Recipe

Rethinking the South American alfajores cookie for Purim.

Savory Leek and Feta Hamantaschen Recipe

A cheesy, savory twist on your favorite Purim treat.

This Map Shows Where to Get the Best Hamantaschen Across the U.S.

Don't feel like baking? Check out the best places to buy your Purim treats.