Moments of Oasis

Where can we today find respite as the ancient Hebrew did at the springs of Elim?

Too Busy for Redemption

Ironically, the festival of freedom is the holiday that requires the most preparation.

Disrupting Jewish Life

The Passover seder should be an act of disruption that transforms us.

Remembering and Forgetting

Remembering is a central tenet of Judaism. So is forgetting.

Opposites Distract

The inversion of expectations, so central to the Purim story, can be both thrilling and confining.

Experiencing the Cloud

Some things we see with our eyes wide open. For the really important things, we need a cloud.

Making the Invisible Visible

It isn't easy living with an invisible God.

The Smell of Joy

We grow in our humanity and deepen our spiritual sense by building our capacity for true and enduring joy.

Dreaming of Trees

Dreams are not only central to the observance of Tu Bishvat, but to our nighttime imaginal realms.

Make Yourself a Wonder

In an age of abundant information, we risk losing our capacity for wonder.

Blueprint For the Anti-Egypt Society

Having set the Israelites free from slavery, God charges them with building a society that affirms precisely what Egypt denies.

Joseph and Judah: From Neo to Post Hasidism

These two biblical brothers embody a tension that lies beneath the whole of Jewish tradition.