Tending the Fire

Fire is a symbol of persistence and faith, but the embers must be tended.

Emulating Our Multicultural Ancestors

While Jacob blesses all of his grandchildren at the end of his life, he singles out two in particular as worthy of emulation.

Havdalah: Celebrating the Uniqueness of the Jewish people

Reveling in uniqueness is wonderful, proclaiming superiority is not.

Hadlakat Nerot: The Spark of Transition

A little fire and a little magic makes the lighting of Shabbat candles a moment to slow down and see things differently.

Preparing for Shabbat

Getting ready for the arrival of the Sabbath Queen.

Modes of Divine Connection

People are complex and multi-faceted, and the way we relate to an infinite God is bound to be too.

The Art of Growing New

The new does not need to deny the old its truth, only to expose new possibilities.

Law of the King

Six verses in Deuteronomy offer timeless lessons on the problem of power.

Avoiding the Abyss

Despite the incredible human accomplishments over the last two millennia, we don’t have many more tools than Moses had to shape collective behavior.

Against the Evil Inclination

Does the Torah sometimes prescribe unethical behavior? In a word, yes.

The Torah’s Political Wisdom

How Parashat Shoftim anticipated the fight over Israel’s judicial system.

Am I My Beloved’s?

The supposed duality of lover and beloved may be mere metaphor.