The Prayer for Dew

A special request for life-sustaining dew is traditionally recited on the first morning of Passover.

Hezekiah’s Passover

The festival served as a repudiation of idolatry.

A Vegetarian Shankbone

How the beet ended up on the seder plate

What’s With the Fours?

This number appears over and over in the Passover Haggadah.

How Passover Customs Have Changed and Developed Over Time

A look at some Pesach customs throughout history.

The Matzah-Baking Machine

A 19th-century controversy

From Three to Four Questions

A look at the evolution of the four questions

Passover After the Civil War

Northern Jews come to the aid of the southern Jewish community.

Passover in Modern Times

The ancient Exodus continues to inspire Jews today.

Rabbinic Development of Passover

The seder takes shape in the rabbinic period.

The Paschal Sacrifice (Korban Pesach)

Understanding how Passover was celebrated in biblical times.