The Meaning of the Seder (Part 1)

From the first cup of wine to the breaking of the matzah

Passover (Pesach) History

Observance of Passover has taken a number of forms throughout history.

Spiritual Hametz

Passover cleaning goes beyond the physical and extends to the soul.

Liberating Ourselves from Narrowness

Passover teaches that is possible to free ourselves from the pressures of modern society.


A recipe for a Passover fruit dessert, side dish, or topping

Maot Hittin: Wheat Money

Preparations for Passover include helping those in need.

The Hidden Matzah

What is viewed as a game by children can have deep significance for adults.

The Seder Structure and Experience

An overview of preparing for the seder and the elements of a traditional seder.

Did Israel Deserve Redemption?

Jewish texts have much to say on this subject.