Rabbis Without Borders

What’s in a Name?

A name is a very powerful thing in Jewish tradition.

Your Burning Bush Moment

But God won’t take no for an answer...

Maybe the New Year Will Make the Messiah Come…

There is something about the new in the new year that inspires a sense of “I can do this!”

Even the Secular New Year Calls for Teshuvah

Closing 2017 and closing the Book of Genesis.

Winter Break Ritual

Consulting with my adult daughter about what she’s reading now...

#Resist Amalek

Amalek is within each of us. It is the voice that justifies our demonization of other groups of people

Who Cares About Esau?

There is no way to know whether they will remember anything I taught them or whether they will still care about Esau in 25 years

When Your Role Model Disappoints You

We are always capable of being better- and so is everyone else