Sharon Gomperts and Rachel Sheff

Sharon Gomperts and Rachel Sheff have been friends since high school. They write a weekly food column for the Jewish Journal featuring Sephardic food and history, family recipes and their love of cooking and sharing recipes. They have collaborated on projects for the Sephardic Educational Center in Los Angeles and Jerusalem, as well as many community cooking classes. Follow them on Instagram @sephardicspicegirls and on Facebook at Sephardic Spice SEC Food.

Articles by Sharon Gomperts and Rachel Sheff

The Flakiest Cheese and Spinach Bulemas Recipe

These Sephardic pastries are crispy, savory, cheesy heaven.

My Grandmother’s Iraqi Jewish Sambusak Are the Perfect Appetizer

These savory chickpea pockets also happen to be vegan.

Marzipan Stuffed Dates Are the Ultimate Moroccan Jewish Treat

For Moroccan Jews, no celebration is complete without marzipan-stuffed dates, walnuts and prunes, including for Mimouna.

Sesame Brittle Is the Ultimate Jewish Celebration Candy

Vegan and gluten-free, it’s the perfect quick treat to add to your holidays.