Robin Washington

Robin Washington is a research scholar for Be’chol Lashon and co-founder of the Alliance of Black Jews. A longtime journalist, he has worked in Boston and the Midwest and currently hosts a public affairs program on Wisconsin Public Radio. He may be reached at or via Twitter @robinbirk.

Articles by Robin Washington

John Lewis Remembered: A Handshake to Bridge a Nation

No greater strength have I ever felt than the compassion and resolve of his tightly clasped hand.

Appoint Black Jews to Major Organization Boards — Now

Black Jewish representation stands at 0.2 percent, a fraction of even the lowest estimate of the population of Black Jews.

Who Black Hebrew Israelites Are—And Who They Are Not

While many, if not most, Israelite or Hebrew adherents have not had a halachic conversion, it’s not so easy to dismiss them as “not real Jews.”

Remembering Julius Lester — And a Stop Along His Spiritual Journey

A meaningful and surprising first encounter creates lasting bond

Searching a Family Tree for Raisins: A Passover Story

Remembering the flavors and folks of seders past.

How Kosher is “Kosher Soul?”

What could be funnier than a black man marrying a white woman?Before you say “Loving v. Virginia,” hold on, there’s ...

Does “Selma” Deserve an Oscar? Ask Butch and Sundance

With the Wild West fading and the railway men closing in, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid head for the ...

Lessons from Catholic Mass for Rosh Hashanah

Growing up in a very Reform household, I was never completely comfortable at the prospect of being called to the ...

Tikkun Olam on Juneteenth

Despite the fact that it’s a celebration, I have bittersweet feelings about Juneteenth.Its origins are traced to Union troops arriving ...

How Much is Dayenu? $35

It was at his older brother’s bar mitzvah that 9-year-old Josh Levy gave the answer to a question we all ...