Rachel Farbiarz

Rachel Farbiarz is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law. Rachel worked as a clerk for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, after which she practiced law focusing on the civil rights and humane treatment of prisoners.

Articles by Rachel Farbiarz

A Wandering People

Today's global migrants, like our peripatetic forebears, are suspended in the precarious place between a difficult past and a hopeful future.

Transparent Leadership

The metamorphosis of Aaron and his sons into priests was a process wholly transparent to the nation.

Paralyzed By Numbers

What can we learn from counting the Israelites?

The Tribe of Levi

Holiness & power.

How Aaron Helped Moses Overcome His Feelings of Inadequacy

Aaron bridged an existential gap that divided his brother from the Israelite slaves.

Transformative Testimony

We must insist on hearing the voices of survivors of contemporary global violence.

Manipulating Food Supply to Gain Power

What we can learn from Jacob's food politics.

Becoming Every Brother’s Keeper

All humanity descended from one family.