Rabbi Tiferet Berenbaum

Rabbi Tiferet Berenbaum is the director of congregational learning and programming at Temple Beth Zion in Brookline, MA. She received rabbinic ordination and a MA in Jewish Education from Hebrew College in Boston. She has served as rabbi to congregations in Milwaukee, WI and Mt. Holly, NJ.

Articles by Rabbi Tiferet Berenbaum

Because I Said So

How do we grapple with God's call to obedience?

Talking to Rocks

Thriving in a free society requires different skills than surviving the wilderness.

Moving Through Fear

The Jewish value of courage doesn't require the absence of fear, only the capacity to move through it.

Taking the Long Way

When life throws up obstacles on our journey, it's tempting to want to turn around.

Make Yourself a Wonder

In an age of abundant information, we risk losing our capacity for wonder.

Parashat Shemot: The Essential Name of God

Moses’ inquiry about God’s name reveals the essential quality of how God manifests in the world.

Finding Encouragement in MLK’s Words—And America’s Changing Demographics

My mixed-race daughter will be part of the nonwhite majority of American youth, which is cause for both celebration and fear.

Aleinu: A Call to Divine Service

This prayer calls on us to discover where the brokenness of the world overlaps with our particular human gifts.