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The Origin of the Shehechiyanu Blessing

The Shehechiyanu is a blessing that expresses gratitude for new, or special, experiences.

When a Congregation Makes You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In

On forgiving (or not) a spiritual community that has judged you unfairly.  

How to Get Your High Holidays Questions Answered

You have questions about the High Holidays, My Jewish Learning has answers.

Learning To Forgive … Ourselves

The Torah places a high value on self-love. That means practicing self-forgiveness, too.

Seeing Layers in the Ten Commandments

A video for Parashat Vaetchanan

Planning the Right Jewish Wedding for You

How to make your wedding both authentically Jewish and personally meaningful.

What Does It Mean to Have Faith?

A video for Parashat Devarim.

Delicious Israeli Food in a Surprising Locale

The Krakow Jewish Culture Festival, best known for its music, steps up its culinary game.