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Daily and Weekly Jewish Learning

Each weekday we help you deepen your Jewish knowledge by featuring a few articles, a recipe, a question of the day and more.

This daily email provides you with a new word every day to discover from Hebrew (and sometimes other Jewish languages!).

A daily newsletter that offers an accessible and insightful take-away from each day’s page of Talmud.

A weekly collection of Shabbat readings to refresh your soul, arriving in your inbox on Saturdays.

A weekly collection of Shabbat readings to refresh your soul, arriving in your inbox on Fridays.

This weekly series offers new thoughts and unexpected takes on the Torah portion each Friday morning to help you get ready for Shabbat.

This weekly newsletter offers insights into individual Jewish prayers to help you build your understanding of Jewish prayer and gain deeper meaning from your prayer experience.

Email Series on Jewish Texts

Starting with the Book of Job, journey through all the books of the Hebrew Bible.

Learn how our Jewish ancestors struggled and triumphed, and what they have to teach us today.

Get to know the mavericks who faced down kings, spoke truth to power, defended the weak and produced some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible.

Five megillot — special scrolls from the Hebrew Bible — are read in synagogue throughout the Jewish year. Take a deep dive into Esther (Purim), Song of Songs (Passover), Ruth (Shavuot), Lamentations (Tisha B’Av), and Ecclesiastes (Sukkot).

This tour through some of the most important Jewish books of the last century offers an opportunity to revisit classics, discover new favorites and gain a wider perspective on contemporary Jewish literature.

Our sacred texts are what bind Jews together across different times, places, ethnicities and denominations. Get acquainted with the real Jewish glue today.

This special email series dives into the central text read at the Passover seder, and uncovers new meaning behind the songs and rituals performed each year.

Email Series on Rituals

Learn ancient traditions, modern takes and even delicious recipes that will bring this holiness into your life every week.

Let’s us help you get comfortable in synagogue!

Planning a Jewish wedding? We’re here to help.

Judaism, in its wisdom, offers thoughtful rituals and resources to help mourners cope with loss and find peace after losing a loved one.

Intimidated by Jewish dietary laws? We’ll walk you through the basics, from identifying which foods are kosher to setting up a kosher kitchen.

Explore some of the most common types of Jewish ritual objects and take a deep dive into their meaning and more.

Email Series on Jewish History and Wisdom

Understanding the history and reach of antisemitism.

My Jewish Learning and JTA News’ email series devoted to exploring the Jewish connection to Ukraine.

Practical advice from the Hasidic masters for improving your relationships, finances, your emotional life, and more!

This email series explore how Jewish texts and traditions can help us cope and triumph.

Jews disagree on a lot, but there are some values we can all agree on. This series introduces the most common of them.

Judaism has much to teach us about savoring old age. Learn how Judaism can help you make the most of the wisdom years.

Email Series on Jewish Thought and Spirituality

Do Jews believe in life after death? What about angels? Did God write the Torah? Do we have free will? In this series, we explore basic Jewish beliefs.

What does Judaism say about heaven and hell? About the immortality of the soul? Resurrection? Reincarnation? The messianic era? Judaism has no single answer to any of these questions — this series introduces multiple Jewish perspectives.

Jewish tradition contains a wealth of wisdom for transforming your life — not only at synagogue but also every day at home — into one that is more spiritually enriched and meaningful. In this journey, we explore many authentic (and surprising!) Jewish techniques for cultivating your spiritual life.

“From Moses to Moses there was none like Moses.” A look into one of the most brilliant, influential and controversial Jewish thinkers, Rabbi Moses ben Maimon also known as Maimonides or simply the Rambam.

Email Series on Joining the Jewish People

Thinking about becoming a Jew? Our journey will give you the tools you need to get started on yours.