Beth Kander-Dauphin

Beth Kander is a writer, who also coordinates communication and development efforts for the ISJL.

Articles by Beth Kander-Dauphin

Guarding the Garden

Some unexpected lessons from our Amir Garden Kit

This Is What “Pikuach Nefesh” Looks Like Right Now

COVID-19, Jewish Values, and Flattening The Curve

A Blessing for Summer

What's more Southern & Jewish than that?

On International Women’s Day – Here’s to The Vashtis

The real role model in last week's story deserves a shout-out today

Make Time For Turtle Stargazing

A surprisingly Southern-and-Jewish reminder.

5 Jewish Things About Stranger Things

My favorite creepy TV show has me contemplating and connecting with more than I expected

Charlottesville Feels Too Familiar

The hatred at the Unite the Right march was unacceptable - but not "unimaginable"

“Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish”

Not actually funny. Not actually a compliment.