The Book of Prophets: Class Source Sheets and Recordings

Resource page for the 9-part class series on the Book of Prophets

On this page, you will find the sourcesheets used for My Jewish Learning’s Book of Prophets class, a 9-part series taught by Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein and Rabbi Dorothy Richman.

Class recordings

Click here to view the class recordings on YouTube.

Class 1 (Isaiah Part 1) with Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein

Background sourcesheet

Text sourcesheet

Class 2 (Isaiah Part 2) with Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein

Background sourcesheet

Text Sourcesheet

Class 3 (Jeremiah Part 1) with Rabbi Dorothy Richman


Class 4 (Jeremiah Part 2) with Rabbi Dorothy Richman – 2/2


Class 5 (Ezekial) with Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein – 2/9

Background Source Sheet

Text source sheet

Class 6 (Hosea) with Rabbi Dorothy Richman – 2/16

Source Sheet

Class 7 (Zekharia) with Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein – 2/23

Background Source Sheet

Text Sheet

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