Aleph-Bet On the Net
Offers a convenient review of Hebrew vocabulary and gives students a chance to both read and respond in Hebrew

Crazy Herb’s Hebrew Words
Offers memory systems for learning Hebrew words and Jewish culture

Foundation Stone
Free application and support materials designed to allow efficient learning of Hebrew vocabulary

Hebrew Alphabet
Listen to the sounds of the Hebrew alphabet in RealAudio

Online Hebrew language study with Israeli teachers

Hebrew with Rahel Halabe
Hebrew courses in Vancouver with Rahel Halabe

Hebrew Word A Day
Learn a Hebrew word every day from the Hebrew phrasebook publisher, International Phrasebooks

Hebrew World
Features educational modern and biblical Hebrew software

A site dedicated to Hebrew typography

Learn Hebrew
A website teaching Hebrew vocabulary in multiple languages

Podcasts of Hebrew lessons.

Learn Hebrew Verbs
A website with every Hebrew verb and form

Online Hebrew courses at different levels

My Hebrew Dictionary
Jacob Richman’s Hebrew dictionary

My Hebrew Picture Dictionary
A free online resource to learn Hebrew words

A Hebrew language curriculum designed for students in grades 7-12

Passing Phrase
The Jewish Agency’s daily Hebrew phrase

Read Hebrew America
Free lessons for beginning and intermediate Hebrew learners

Starting With Aleph
An interactive course that teaches Hebrew reading and basic Jewish values

Discover More

How To Read the Hebrew Alphabet

Known as the Aleph Bet, the Hebrew alphabet contains 22 letters.

The Revival of Hebrew

The Hebrew language was re-embraced by proponents of the Jewish enlightenment, then fully reborn in Palestine.

Yiddish: What You Should Know

An overview of the grammar — and the many ways this Jewish language differs from Hebrew.