Parashat Ki Tavo

Forging the Intergenerational Self

The Torah's commandment regarding the first fruits offers a kernel of wisdom about the importance of knowing where we came from.

Giving Thanks, Now and Again

There’s gratitude that is immediate and gratitude that can come only with time and labor.

Challah for Parashat Ki Tavo

The city and the field.

Sharing What We Have

Ki Tavo: A resource for families.

Transitions and Israel

As a people, wherever the Jews are, we have a remarkable and noble mission.

Parashat Ki Tavo Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Haftarah for Ki Tavo: Summary

Today may be dark, but tomorrow, God's light will shine on His people.

First Fruits (Bikkurim)

There are many things we can do to create local culture that links God, land, and people.

Blessings from Strangers

Reaching out to interfaith families.