Parashat Beshalach

Parashat Beshalach: Their Past Is Always Present

Our loved ones may physically pass on, but like Joseph, their presence reverberates in us and in the generations to come.

Song(s) of the Sea

Miriam's instinctive song of praise tells us something important about calling out to God.

Of Technology, Miracles and Radical Amazement

We must bring ourselves to awareness of the wonders of every moment.

Children of Nachshon

Liberation comes only to the courageous.


Moses was a confident leader but a humble man.

What’s the Use of Complaining?

Even if hardship or illness has visited us or those we love, we can still be grateful for the many blessings we have.

The Faith To Go Forward

Beshalach: A resource for families.

The Bones of the Ephraimites

A Midrash explains that the Israelites took an indirect route out of Egypt to avoid seeing the dead bodies of their brothers.

From Insecurity to Sovereignty

Like the manna in the desert, food aid policies often do not foster real freedom.

Parashat Beshalach Quiz

Questions and answers about the Torah portion.