Parashat Bamidbar

Be The Wilderness

With uncertainty comes unparalleled potential for expanding our horizons.

Order Versus Disorder

When we build order into our lives, we begin to manage the seemingly overwhelming tasks.

Making Our Communities Inclusive

Everyone counts in a Jewish community.

Kids and Boredom

Bamidbar: A resource for families.

A Wandering People

Today's global migrants, like our peripatetic forebears, are suspended in the precarious place between a difficult past and a hopeful future.

Haftarah for Bamidbar

Though betrayed by Israel's unfaithfulness, God will reconcile with the people like a husband who cannot stop loving his wife.

Parashat Bamidbar Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Two Halves of a Whole

There is more than one meaning behind the counting in Bamidbar.

Spiritual Lessons of the Desert

The open spaces of the wilderness can help us access inspiration.