Friendship Equals Inclusion

February is Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month. Join us as we share stories that highlight the impact of inclusion in our camp communities.

Lily is a 15-year-old girl who has spent seven summers at Capital Camps. She is a camper in the Atzma’im (inclusion) program at camp, and lived in a bunk with the rest of the girls in her age group. One of Lily’s closest friends is Aliza, a typical camper at Capital Camps. Aliza and Lily do everything together, from riding the zip line to hanging out in the bunk. The girls’ close friendship is just one example of why inclusion at Capital Camps is so special. This blog is the third of a three part series. Two weeks ago, the girls’ counselor, Hannah, reflected on her time working with Lily and last week we featured Aliza. This week FJC has asked Lily questions about what inclusion means to her.

Below are Lily’s answers:

1. What is your name?
Lily Berkow

2. How old are you/ where are you from?
I am 16 years old and I live in Bethesda,MD

3. How many years have you spent at Capital Camps?
This summer will be my eighth year at camp.

4. What is your favorite part of camp?
My favorite part of camp is Shabbat and Maccabiah

5. What does the word inclusion mean to you?
Inclusion means to me that I can participate in the activities at camp with help. At Capital Camps the inclusion program allows me to do everything that my peers are doing. My counselors are my helpers and they help me do everything.

6. What is the best memory you have from camp?
My best memory is seeing the accessible path the camp made especially for me while I was in Macks Village (going into 10th grade). This meant the world to me because it allowed me because it allowed me to live in the tented village with my peers.

7. If you had to describe inclusion at CCRC in just two words what would they be?
Inclusion at Capital Camps is Amazing and Incredible.

8. How long have you been friends with Aliza?
About 5 years

9. What makes someone a good friend?
A good friend is supportive and there for you in good and bad times.

10. Have you and Aliza been in touch since camp?
Yes, we text a lot and although we go to different schools but we make an effort to see each other when we can.

**This blog is the third of a three series about an inclusion camper, her best friend and her counselor at Capital Camps. To read more about their special friendship check out the other two posts here.

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