Time to Eat Some Vegetables

I’ve been eating unhealthy lately. It’s been bad. As much as I try to choose healthy options, I’m not the type of guy who has a large list of foods he doesn’t like. Actually, that list has one thing on it. Blue cheese (But a blue cheese dressing or sauce on pasta…divine). So when opportunities come up to eat adventurous/awesome/yummy/you name the adjective foods, I’m usually game.

I hit my low point on Sunday night. I went with some friends out to Queens to eat some wonderful Bukharian food. Now, the food was amazing. And incredibly cheap. But healthy? Oh god no. Let’s just say that the highlight of my meal was the lamb fat kabob. You heard me. No meat. Just fat. Scrumptious.

But after the meal, I felt kinda sick. Well, my heart felt kind of sick. I decided then and there, back to eating healthy.

I called my friend who I was supposed to get pizza with the next night and cancelled on him. I went running yesterday (hopefully later today as well).

Then, just my luck, as if God himself (or the MJL editorial staff) was watching over me, on the homepage of MyJewishLearning this week is an article about the Jewish Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movements. If you don’t know what CSA movements are (don’t worry, neither did I), they are local partnerships between communities and local farms to provide fresh, local ingredients (in a nutshell. The truth is you should check out the full article. It’s pretty cool).

What interested me is that recently this issue of thinking more about you eat, both in terms of your health and your conscious, has come up in many conversations I’ve had at various parties/gatherings/events. The one issue I have is that all of this sounds expensive. Actually, not only does it sound expensive. It is expensive.

And if my 1st grade Marketing class (we were very advanced) taught me anything, the cheaper the product, the higher the demand. Just because people want to be ethical, people would rather save money.

So yeah, eating local and free range meat sounds awesome. Organic vegetables? Yum. I’m just not going to buy them regularly until it gets cheaper.

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