Un-Orthodoxy at the OU

The title for my post sounds way more controversial than this post actually is. But let me tell you, I’m fuming.

Jewish Action, the Magazine of the Orthodox Union, has recently published a Q & A about eating at Shabbat and Festival meals. The question reads as follows:

I love Shabbat, but I hate that it’s become a battleground for my eating habits. I’m careful about dieting all week long, but when Friday comes around, I get thrown off course. Shabbat Chanukah is even more of a challenge with all the dreidel shaped cookies and sufganiyot around. Please help!

The response, by Shira Isenberg, teaches you how to eat less on Friday night.

I’m offended. Why do you think I love Shabbat so much? Because I can catch up on my reading? No! Challah, Shira Isenberg. The answer is challah.

To the dieting person who submitted the question. Shabbat is a time to enjoy yourself. Dieting is not fun. So you will lose 2 pounds a little slower. Who cares? Your mom’s brisket is awesome.

This is my second food related post today. I shouldn’t have skipped breakfast this morning.

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