Lawrence H. Schiffman

The Bar Kochba Revolt

Messianic figure Simeon Bar Kochba led the Jews in a failed revolt against Roman rule.

Philo Judaeus: Philosophical Pilgrim

Philo worked to reconcile Hellenism and the Hebrew Scriptures.

Sea of Talmud II

How amoraic study sessions became the Gemaras.

The Sea of Talmud I

The emergence of amoraic schools of study.

Creating the Canon

The process and the product of the canonization of the Bible became the basis for a varied tradition of interpretation.

The Rise of Christianity

Nascent Christianity was one of several apocalyptic Jewish sects active during the Second Temple period.

Jewish-Christian Relations in the Early Centuries

Relations deteriorated and hostility increased

Jewish Marriage and Family in the Ancient World

Jewish law guided marriage, divorce, and child-rearing in the ancient world.

Hellenism & Judaism

Palestine goes Greek.