Kabbalah & Mysticism Quiz

Jewish mystical teachings about the nature of God and reality have had a profound impact on the development of Judaism. How much do you know about this area of Jewish contemplation and spirituality?

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Qustion 1. What does Sefer Yetsirah posit about the Hebrew alphabet?

That Hebrew is the only holy language That each of the 22 letters was used in the creation of the universe That each Hebrew letter corresponds to a different part of the human body That the 22 letters are symbolic of the constellations in the sky

Qustion 2. What are kelipot?

The head coverings that observant Jewish men wear The shells or husks that imprison the Holy Sparks The red strings that the Kabbalah Centre sells The scrolls that contain the most important works of kabbalistic thought

Qustion 3. Which of these is a characteristic of what the contemporary scholar Moshe Idel calls "intensive mysticism"?

It is purely intellectual in nature It is similar to studying chumash with Rashi It is experiential, including chanting and meditation All of these None of these

Qustion 4. According to Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, the study of Kabbalah is:

An otherwordly tradition A logical system intended for the ethical and political redemption of human society The only way to guarantee one will have a place in the World to Come A good way to rub elbows with celebrities

Qustion 5. Abraham Abulafia, a 13th-century mystic, was a devoted follower of

Maimonides The Emperor Constantine The prophet Samuel David Ben Gurion

Qustion 6. In 1968, Arthur Green, before he became a prominent Jewish Renewal rabbi, compared the experience of studying kabbalah to:

Yoga Transcendental meditation Taking drugs Sexual fulfillment

Qustion 7. Merkavah mysticism attempts to conceive of God as:

A chariot, based on the Book of Ezekiel A lion, based on the Book of Daniel A pillar of fire, based on Exodus A vessel of oil, based on the story of Elisha

Qustion 8. Which of the following kabbalistic thinkers attempted to attain prophecy?

Isaac Luria Abraham Joshua Heschel Abraham Abulafia All of these None of these

Qustion 9. The earliest disseminated text of Kabbalistic thought was:

Yedid Nefesh Sefer HaRosh Sefer Ha-Bahir Ktantan

Qustion 10. Rabbi Zalman Shachter-Shalomi, the founder of the Jewish Renewal movement, is especially interested in what aspect of religion?

Academic Literary Theoretical Experiential
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