Jews & Non-Jews Quiz

Today, Jews are in dialogue and cooperation with other religions, even rethinking the definitions of Jewishness and chosenness. But what do you know about the history of the relationship between Jews and non-Jews?

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Qustion 1. Which tractate of the Talmud specifically deals with the subject of non-Jewish worship practices?

Kiddushin Avodah Zarah Yoma Makkot

Qustion 2. In which period did mass amounts of non-Jews convert to Judaism?

Just after the Bar Kokhba Rebellion The Second Temple period The years following the Holocaust Just after the founding of the State of Israel

Qustion 3. Which of these common Jewish ideas about Christianity is actually true?

"Christ" is Jesus' last name All Christians are anti-Semites The Christian day of worship was originally Saturday All of these None of these

Qustion 4. What was the name for the synthesis of Judaism with Greek ideas?

Dialectics Hellenism Evangelism Plato's Dialogues

Qustion 5. What do the Bible and the Talmud have to say about idolatry?

The Bible repeatedly prohibits idolatry, and the rabbis of the Talmud drafted many additional laws to distance Jews from idolatry The Bible is not concerned with idolatry, but the rabbis in the Talmud prohibit idolatry, in order to create a "fence around the Torah" The Bible prohibits certain kinds of idolatry, and the Talmud finds loopholes to make these idolatrous practices permissable The Bible and the Talmud are precisely unanimous in their positions on idolatry

Qustion 6. Who said "All those words of Jesus of Nazareth and of this Ishmaelite [Muhammad] who arose after him are only to make straight the path for the messianic king and to prepare the whole world to serve the Lord together"?

Pope John Paul II Louis Farrakhan Maimonides R. Shimon bar Yohai

Qustion 7. Why did the rabbis forbid drinking wine prepared by Gentiles?

Because drunkenness is a vice Because gentiles in the Middle Ages used to poison wine that they gave to Jews Because gentiles might have used their wine in idolatrous libations All of the above

Qustion 8. What is the literal translation of the oft-debated word in the Book of Isaiah, which Christians believe predicts Jesus' birth?

"Virgin" or "young woman" "Lord" or "master of the property" "King" or "messiah" None of these

Qustion 9. Which Jewish movement currently approves of patrilineal descent?

Reform Reconstructionist Conservative Some of these All of these

Qustion 10. True or false: Some Christian denominations ordain women as priests.

True False
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