Jews & Non-Jews Quiz

Today, Jews are in dialogue and cooperation with other religions, even rethinking the definitions of Jewishness and chosenness. But what do you know about the history of the relationship between Jews and non-Jews?

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Qustion 1. Which of the following is among the Noahide laws?

Prohibiting murder Prohibiting idolatry Prohibiting robbery A and C only All of these

Qustion 2. How have different Jewish thinkers approached the concept of Jewish chosenness?

By positing that the relationship between God and the Jews was established by the covenant at Sinai and is dependent upon Jewish obedience By suggesting that Jewish people have unique, inherent qualities that make them chosen By rejecting the concept altogether All of the above

Qustion 3. What is the literal translation of the oft-debated word in the Book of Isaiah, which Christians believe predicts Jesus' birth?

"Virgin" or "young woman" "Lord" or "master of the property" "King" or "messiah" None of these

Qustion 4. Who said "All those words of Jesus of Nazareth and of this Ishmaelite [Muhammad] who arose after him are only to make straight the path for the messianic king and to prepare the whole world to serve the Lord together"?

Pope John Paul II Louis Farrakhan Maimonides R. Shimon bar Yohai

Qustion 5. Which of the following are popular travel destinations for Israelis exploring other religions?

India and Thailand Italy and Spain Australia and New Zealand Mecca and Medina

Qustion 6. Aside from Greek language, what other aspect of Greek life did Jews incorporate into their lives during the rise of Hellenism?

Jews began to use Greek methods of prayer Jews began to author their scriptures in dialogues, like Plato Jews began to think of their ancient heroes such as Moses and Abraham as divine men Jews began to worship Greek gods

Qustion 7. Which tractate of the Talmud specifically deals with the subject of non-Jewish worship practices?

Kiddushin Avodah Zarah Yoma Makkot

Qustion 8. Jewish baby boomers have been attracted in large numbers to practices of

Islam Hinduism Christianity Buddhism

Qustion 9. True or false: Some Christian denominations ordain women as priests.

True False

Qustion 10. True or false: Jewish tradition holds that a special covenant between God and Noah established moral precepts for non-Jews.

True False
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