Jewish Humor

Jewish Humor

Jewish Humor in America

From the Borscht Belt to Broadway and beyond

Jewish Humor

Jon Stewart

Not your ordinary Jewish funny man (okay, maybe he is).

American Jewish Humor 101

What's so funny -- and so Jewish?

Joan Rivers

How a first generation Jewish American became an entertainment legend.

The Sages, or Wise Men, of Chelm

A roundup of the best Chelm stories.

What is Jewish Humor?

First and foremost, Jewish humor snickers in the face of authority.

The 4 Components of Jewish Humor

Defining what Jewish humor is and is not.

Jewish Humor Quiz

How much do you know about Jewish humor?

Jews in Television in the 2000s

From Larry David to Sarah Silverman.

Jewish Schnorrer Jokes

The best jokes about beggars and moochers.

Schlemiel Jokes

Is this character a fool or just unlucky?

Mel Brooks’ Best Clips

Highlights from the comedic producer's funniest movies.

Fanny Brice

Few Jewish comedians have made such a significant contribution to both Jewish humor and popular culture as Fanny Brice.