Rabbis Without Borders

Feeling the Love in Israel

Make for yourself a teacher, acquire a friend, and judge every person favorably. (Pirkei Avot 1:6)

A Slap in the Face in an Ancient Church That Wasn’t a Synagogue

On a tour of Judea (in the West Bank), wishing all its residents past and present were acknowledged.

The Way We Were – Anniversaries, September 11 and Standing Together Again

Years later, we forget about 9/11 until something – a picture, a story, a smell or a day on the calendar – reminds us where we were, even who we were.

Why Do We Act Like We’re Powerless?

Don’t compare protests against Nazis with non-violent tactics in the Civil Rights Movement About a month ago, I wrote about ...

From Hatred to Courage: When a Shofar Becomes Political

The hatred was palpable – hard to believe that we all read the same Torah

I Don’t Want to Replace You

You don’t think of yourself as a bad person.

Jewish Rituals for All

Why would a non-Jew want to go to the mikveh?