Early Modern History

Hasidism & Its Discontents

Traditionalists as well as modernists opposed Hasidism on social, theological and cultural grounds.

Shabbetai Zevi

The kabbalistic false messiah.


A history of the marrano diaspora.

Glueckel of Hameln

The diaries of this businesswoman provide an intimate picture of 17th-century German Jews.


The shtetl looms large in Jewish history and memory.


Revolutionary War

While some Jews fought, others suffered at the hands of the British.


Be a Jew at home and a man on the street.

The Trefa Banquet

The famous treyf banquet at Hebrew Union College's first ordination ceremony symbolized a formal break from tradition.

Dreyfus Affair

The espionage conviction of a French military officer was a watershed event in the history of European anti-Semitism.

Ellis Island

A brief history of the place where so many Jewish immigrants entered the U.S.


Radical Politics

America's Communist movement owed a lot to Jewish support.

American Zionism

Reconciling American identity with support for a Jewish homeland

The Catskills

Where New York City's Jews went to get away from it all.

Mordecai Kaplan

An examination of the philosophy of one of the twentieth century's most prominent Jewish thinkers, Mordecai Kaplan (1881-1983).


Jewish gangsters rode organized crime out of the ghetto to a life of violence and crime.



After World War II, thousands of American Jews left the cities for the suburbs.

A Common History

The complicated history of Black-Jewish relations in America.

Soviet Jewry Movement

The fight to liberate the Soviet Jews united the American Jewish community.

American Jewish Feminism

Contemporary Jewish feminism has made its impact on all of the major denominations of Jewish life.

Fall of Communism

Jewish life flourishes both in and outside the former Soviet Union.