Texts and Traditions

Jews and Non-Jews 101

Not all gentiles are viewed in the same light.

Jewish Views on Christianity

Theological attitudes have changed in response to social and political developments.


From the worship of statues to the absolute veneration of political movements.

The Non-Jew in Jewish Law

Some creative approaches to redressing inequality between Jews and non-Jews.

Traditional Views of Jewish Chosenness

The Bible implies that God's choice of the Jews was random.

Modern Insights

The New Testament

What Jews can learn from it.

Modern Views on Chosenness

Some Jews have reinterpreted chosenness as an ethical mission or a national spirit.

Eastern Religions

Traditional authorities consider Hinduism idolatry, but some Jews have a more tolerant approach.

The Modern Noahide Movement

Non-Jews living in observance of the Seven Noahide Laws.

Jewish Views on Islam

According to most Jewish thinkers, Islam is not idolatry.


Who Killed Jesus?

A history of the belief that the Jews killed Jesus.

Messianic Judaism

A sect of Christianity with some Jewish practices.

Jews: The Chosen People?

Are the Jewish people God's Chosen People?

The Ways of the Gentiles

Does the biblical prohibition against following non-Jewish practices apply beyond ancient Egypt and Canaan?

Debunking Misconceptions

Christians are not idolators--nor are they inherently anti-Semitic.

Books and People

Jesus Who?

It's time to clear up Jewish misconceptions about Christianity.

The Image of the Non-Jew in Judaism

By David Novak

Does the World Need the Jews?

By Daniel Gordis

A People Apart: Chosenness and Ritual

Edited by Daniel Frank

Jesus in Yiddish

A lesser-known piece of history.