Vayikra Text Study

Striving for I-Thou

Parashat Vayikra challenges the Jewish community to find new ways of interacting with God and God's creations.

An Invitation into the Tent

We must pursue a vision of Judaism wherein all Jews feel comfortable entering the tent, and inviting outsiders as well.

Addressing Our Loved Ones

While God commands Moses, He also calls to him affectionately.


Leviticus 1:1-6:7

Sacrifices And Passover

The juxtaposition of Vayikra with preparations for Passover shows the parallels between cleaning our homes and souls and offering atonement and thanksgiving.

Sacrifices Are Alive And Well!

The model of sacrifices, of offering our kindness, generosity and compassion even if it is difficult, inspires us to continue to draw close to God.

Parashat Vayikra: Summary

God commands Moses regarding various types of offerings: under what circumstances they should be offered and what they should consist of.

The Truth Of Social Justice

The truth that exists in moments of intimacy and human connection can also infuse our ritual lives.

The Role Of Sacrifices

Sacrifices allow us to reach out to God using our physical and emotional drives.

Only One Was Called, But We Were All Chosen

The nature of Moses' communication with God was affected by his role as intermediary of the people.