Leviticus 1:1-6:7

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In this Torah portion, God describes the laws of animal sacrifice. God explains the different sacrifices that atone for guilt or sins, and distinguishes between sins committed inadvertently and sins committed on purpose. For many crimes, animal sacrifice is a way to gain forgiveness from God.

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animal sacrifice
God describes the laws of sacrifice.

Text Studies

Social Action and Environmentalism

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Rabbi Avi Weinstein, Hillel


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Deborah Wettes, Union for Reform Judaism


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Rabbi Rachel Barenblat


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Rabbi Justin David,
Guilt Offerings & the Global Climate
Jonathan Neril & Shlomo Levin, Canfei Nesharim

From the Denominations


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The Value of Animal Sacrifices
Rabbi Bradley Artson, American Jewish University


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Rabbi Steven Weil, Orthodox Union


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Reuven Kimelman, CLAL
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Rabbi Janet Marder, Women of Reform Judaism


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Parashat Vayikra for Families
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Torah Topics for Today


Torah Topics for Today


Parashat Vayikra Quiz
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Parashat Vayikra Challah
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