Acting with Heart

Contrary to what many of us have been taught, Judaism cares about more than deeds.

Supporting Your Local Jewish Community for Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project

Providing for Jewish communal needs is accordingly considered a religious obligation.

Purim 2016

Everything you need to know about Purim 2016.

Sharing the Wealth

Bechukotai: A resource for families.

Tzedakah Box

Collecting money for charity

Tzedek vs. Tzedakah: Justice vs. Charity

Both are about righting the wrongs that are all too pervasive in our world.

History of American Jewish Free Loan Societies

A group of Jewish women from Seattle began this community micro-lending effort.

The Instinct to Hoard

Even when times are tough, we still must give.

Sacred Time and Space

The Jewish concept of holiness is bound to notions of sacred time and space--and reaching out to those in need.

Give And Take

The fundraising campaign to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle) teaches us that in true Tzedakah, the giver benefits as much as the taker.