The Basic Elemental

Wisdom can be born from connection to the the vast interconnected wildness in the world.

Moving Through Fear

The Jewish value of courage doesn't require the absence of fear, only the capacity to move through it.

True Righteousness

A Holocaust rescue story sheds light on a curious verse from the Prophets.

For Argument’s Sake

Jewish tradition teaches that appropriate arguments are conducted for the sake of Heaven.

My Darfur Tallit

A prayer shawl purchased in an African refugee camp is a reminder of those at the fringes that compel our moral responsibility.

Thoughts on Prayers

In the face of tragedy, is there a place for thoughts and prayers?

We Will Hear and We Will Do

Is it better to act out of volition or obligation?

From the Outside, In

The more people we have at the table, the more likely we are to discover wisdom.

You Can Go Home Again

The mitzvah of the Jubilee year is a chance to begin again.

Wrestling With the Rough Stuff

Leaning into the hard parts of Jewish tradition.