Moments of Oasis

Where can we today find respite as the ancient Hebrew did at the springs of Elim?

The Redemption to Come

On Passover we express gratitude for the redemption we have and hope for the one still to come.

Passover as Childhood

What we experience in our early years informs every aspect of who we are.

Disrupting Jewish Life

The Passover seder should be an act of disruption that transforms us.

Conservation and Experimentation

If ritual is to create a shared language across the generations, we must ensure the Judaism we practice is recognizable both to our ancestors and descendants.

Opposites Distract

The inversion of expectations, so central to the Purim story, can be both thrilling and confining.

Experiencing the Cloud

Some things we see with our eyes wide open. For the really important things, we need a cloud.

Sacred Fire

Fire can be destructive or constructive as well as a tool for connecting with the divine.

The Superpower of Hanukkah

Hanukkah reminds that rather than running from our darkness, we can choose to confront it.

Dreaming the World into Being

Jewish tradition suggests that dreams awaken the imaginative faculty without which prophecy is impossible.