The Future

What will happen next?

Medieval Jewish Women Were Leaders in Religion and Business

New information about the economic and religious lives of medieval Jewish women.

Greetings From Medieval Cairo

An Italian Jew records his impressions of Cairo and its Jews in the late fifteenth century.

Shavuot in Medieval Times

Historical events and the development of mysticism leave their mark on this festival.

Jewish Magic & the Blood Libels

Suspicion of Jewish magic was behind the medieval accusation of child murder.

Jewish Magic & Medieval Anti-Semitism

In medieval Europe, Jews suffered on account of popular beliefs about Jewish sorcery--and yet their non-Jewish neighbors also tried to benefit from Jewish magic.

Radbaz (Rabbi David Ben Zimra)

Talmud scholar, Kabbalist and longtime chief rabbi of Egypt.

Abraham Ibn Ezra

A master Torah commentator who foreshadowed biblical criticism

Who Was Rashi?

The most widely read Jewish Bible commentator, he also wrote a running commentary to the Babylonian Talmud.

Greetings from Constantinople

A Sephardic Jew records his impression of the city and its Jewish inhabitants in the twelfth century.