The Future

What will happen next?

We knew taking on our Jewish timeline project would not be an easy task. Whittling down the history of an entire people to a number of key events proved to be just as hard as it sounds. Yet with the help of experts and academics across the spectrum of Jewish studies, and through many, many, round table discussions among our staff, we’re proud of the timeline we were able to create.

And yet, time has not stopped. The last 25 years have shown us plenty of newsworthy events, ones that have made major waves in Jewish communities worldwide. It’s hard to know which events will earn their place on the Jewish history timeline of the future, but we’d love to know your thoughts.

Which events from the last 25 years will we be talking about for generations to come? Who are the transformational leaders? Which books are most likely to enter the canon of Jewish literature?
Sound off below and let us know what you think.

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