Do Women Experience Holiness Differently?

Parashat Kedoshim teaches us the ways to be holy. But do women have a different understanding of what holiness is?

Who Does the Land Belong To?

Behar affirms that the land belongs to God, and the land must be permitted to observe its Sabbaths, too.

Finding Meaning in Ancient Rituals

How the sacrificial system lives on.

After Death, Holy

We always have the opportunity to rise above our human flaws.


Since the destruction of the Temples, Jews have struggled with the enduring meaning and legacy of the sacrificial rites.

Stumbling Blocks of Consumerism

We need to learn to produce, sell, and consume fewer unnecessary products.

The Law of the Farm

This portion teaches us that there are no easy fixes to the complex problems that face our social systems.

Considering Our Food Choices

This portion challenges us to express our most intimate and deeply held values with every mouthful.

From Guilt to Action

The sacrificial system teaches that coming nearer to God requires coming nearer to each other.

What Is Shatnez?

The biblical prohibition against mixing wool and linen.