From Jewish Mysticism to Magic

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Jewish Mystical Ideas and Concerns

Can we distinguish a mystical idea from a philosophical one--and mystical practice from magic?

Jewish Attitudes Toward Magic

Do Jews believe in magic -- and when?

Radbaz (Rabbi David Ben Zimra)

Talmud scholar, Kabbalist and longtime chief rabbi of Egypt.

Symbolism in the Bible

Jewish literature is rife with allegory and metaphor.


Sufi ideas found their way into Jewish mystical literature through Bahya Ibn Pakudah and the Kabbalist Isaac of Acre.


Since the destruction of the Temples, Jews have struggled with the enduring meaning and legacy of the sacrificial rites.

Holy Sparks

A kabbalistic concept of the light found in all creation.

Mystical Israel

Medieval kabbalah offers various approaches to the Land of Israel.