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Israel in Jewish Thought 101

Through centuries of exile, Jewish hopes and prayers were focused on the Promised Land.

Questioning Zionism

Since the beginning of modern Zionism, some Jews have stood in opposition to it.

Mystical Israel

Medieval kabbalah offers various approaches to the Land of Israel.

The Land of Israel in Medieval Jewish Thought

Because most Jews of this period lived in the Diaspora, Israel was an abstract concept.

The Promise of the Promised Land

In the Bible, possession of the Land of Israel is tied to moral behavior.

Israel in Rabbinic Literature

In rabbinic literature, the Land was of primary importance--even as the Diaspora grew.

Common Misconceptions

Christians are not idolators--nor are they inherently anti-Semitic.

Christianity’s Historical Context

Understanding the world in which Christianity developed helps understand Christian beliefs.

Jewish Attitudes Toward Eastern Religions

Most traditional authorities dismissed Hinduism as idolatry, but in recent years, some Jews have become more tolerant of certain Eastern religions and practices.

Ancient Jewish Thought

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