Jewish History and Community

Israel’s Economic Challenges

In addition to the problems most economies face, Israel must deal with issues unique to its situation.

Overview: Israel’s Economy

Israel's Economy. Contemporary Israel. The Jewish State. Jewish History and Community.

Jews in South Africa

The health and state of this Jewish community presents a complex picture.

Jews in Germany Today

The land where Hitler once ruled has a burgeoning Jewish community.

Jewish Population Trends

Since World War II, migration and birth trends have changed Jewish demographics.

What Is Secular Humanistic Judaism?

This "fifth denomination," founded in the 1960s by a Reform-ordained rabbi, describes itself as humanistic rather than atheistic.

Jewish Communities Grow

Jewish communities from Boston to Berlin are growing and succeeding despite facing challenges.

A Rabbi’s Journey to Humanistic Judaism

Seeking to resolve questions and doubts, the author is led to the Secular Humanist Jewish rabbinate.

Aging Jewish Families

As the Jewish community ages, younger generations face difficult decisions regarding their parents' and grandparents' care.