Jewish Daily Life and Practice

Community, Controversy, & Cooperation

The tension between individual and communal needs cannot be resolved, but the two must be balanced.

The Religious Significance of Community

For religious kibbutzim, Judaism addresses whole communities.

Judaism At Home

The home is central to Jewish practice and values.

What Makes a Jewish Home Jewish?

They are filled with ethnic and religious objects--and everyday objects imbued with special meaning.

Holiness in Time, Not Only in Space

We are often blind to the dimension that lacks physical substance, and that can lead to enslavement to things.

Holiness: Everyone’s Duty or a Saintly Ideal?

Is it enough to live up the requirements of Jewish law for one to be holy? Is sanctity in this life possible for all of us—or only for a few saintly people?

Kedushah (Holiness) in Rabbinic Judaism

What holiness meant to the sages of the Talmud.

Biblical Concepts of Holiness

How can we unify the sacred with the profane?