The Magic Eye

Most of us spend our lives searching for God's presence in the world, hoping to catch a glimpse.

Kedushah d’Yotzeir: A Call to Holiness

This prayer invoking the heavenly angels offers key insights into the purpose of prayer and our broader responsibility as religious people.

The Miracle in Sarah’s Tent

How the matriarchs' homes resembled and inspired the Temple.

Do Women Experience Holiness Differently?

Parashat Kedoshim teaches us the ways to be holy. But do women have a different understanding of what holiness is?

After Death, Holy

We always have the opportunity to rise above our human flaws.

Haftarah for Kedoshim

On chosenness and holiness.

Jewish Practices 101

Jewish daily life and practice is how Jews do things--day in and day out, and week after week--that embody the ideals and standards expressed in Judaism’s sacred writings and its ancient (and modern) traditions.

Does It Really Matter How I Drive?

We are commanded always to act in ways that bring honor and sanctity to God's name.