On History and Memory

You can learn history, but how does one acquire memory?

Attributes of a Leader

Moses shares his views on leadership.

The Book of Deuteronomy

The biblical book whose law and theology most directly shaped later Judaism.

Rebukes And Responses

In Moses' final speech to the Israelites, he provides us with a model of effective rebuke.

Parashat Devarim: Summary

Moses recounts to the Israelites episodes from the 40 years in the wilderness; he encourages the Israelites in their upcoming conquest of the land of Canaan.

Perceptions Of Justice

People's perceptions of a society are often based on that society's judicial system.

Words Of Admonition

Moses at the end of his life rebukes the Israelites, who are receptive to his criticisms.

Gentle Rebuke Can Lead To Return

Moses' sensitive rebuke of the Israelites teaches us that we can always return and renew our relationship with God and religion.

Love And Land

The love between God and the Children of Israel is most strongly expressed in the Land of Israel.

My Killer, My Brother

The instruction not to provoke the descendants of Esau reminds us that there is always potential for family reconciliation.