American Jewish Historical Society

Shabbat as Social Reform

Rabbis and Jews argued for a five-day work week in order to be able to observe Shabbat.

Minnie Low and Scientific Tzedakah

Minnie Low was a thinker well ahead of her time.

History of American Jewish Free Loan Societies

A group of Jewish women from Seattle began this community micro-lending effort.

Ruth Gruber’s Exodus: Part II

Ruth Gruber witnessed the former American pleasure boat, the Exodus, entering the Haifa harbor and the terrible conditions that the displaced Jews on Cyprus lived in.

Lane Bryant Malsin: Fashion Revolutionary

Lane Bryant Malsin started a small business and became a famous fashion designer who made millions, but she was always involved in Jewish philanthropic work.

LaGuardia 1, Hitler 0

Fiorello LaGuradia was a defender of the Jews and a strong opponent of Hitler.

Benjamin Cardozo, Jewish Justice

Justice Cardozo's background as a Sephardic Jew shaped his entire career.

Mexican Jews

In 1887, Mexico announced it would accept 5,000 Russian Jews if they were willing to settle uncultivated land owned by the government.

The Levy-Franks Family

The Levy-Franks family struggled with the ever-present challenge of maining a strong Jewish identity in a secular society.

Fending Off the Missionaries

A group of Protestant clergymen decided their new mission would be to convert European Jews and settling them in a rural agricultural community.