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Fanny Brice

Few Jewish comedians have made such a significant contribution to both Jewish humor and popular culture as this daughter of saloon-owning immigrants.

The Massena Blood Libel

The "Blood Libel" accusation has been around for centuries, and it arose once again in Massena, New York, in 1928.

The Expelled Jews of Coro

This was the first time that Jews had been driven out of an independent nation in South America.

The Brownsville Public School Boycott of 1905

The Jews of Brownsville, Brooklyn, fought back when a principal at a public school taught about sectarian views.

Sosua: An American Jewish Experiment

As the search for a place for Jewish refugees to settle continued, the Dominican Republic expressed a willingness to accept refugees into its borders.

Isaac Harby

Isaac Harby petitioned his synagogue for changes in the Shabbat service, introducing a spirit of reform in American Judaism.

Staying Jewish on the Arizona Frontier

The Drachman family played a very important role in the foundation of Jewish life in 19th century Arizona.

Moses Michael Hays: A Most Valuable Citizen

Boston's most prominent 18th Jewish citizen, Hays set a high standard for civic leadership and charity.

Mordecai Manuel Noah

Mordecai Manuel Noah tried to found a Jewish colony on Grand Island until the Jews regained possession of the Holy Land.

The American Jewish Historical Society

The AJHS was founded to document the many contributions Jews have made in America.