Watch Hugh Jackman Teach Jimmy Fallon How to Make Challah

Men baking bread tackle our favorite loaf.

TV hosts, actors, musicians, and many other performers have really been getting creative in order to provide entertainment to their audiences right now during this unprecedented pandemic. And our newest obsession over here at The Nosher: Hugh Jackman teaching Jimmy Fallon how to make challah on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Yes, challah.

Ok, “how to make challah” might be a little generous. As the video shows, Jackman preps his dough using a bread machine before the video begins (no shame using a bread machine — here’s our favorite bread machine challah recipe). And Jimmy Fallon takes the real easy way out and buys pre-made dough from Loaves and Fishes, a favorite kitchen store out in the Hamptons. Ok Jimmy Fallon, we get it – you’re having a very fancy pandemic experience.

But Jackman goes on to show Fallon how to braid and egg wash the challah, and I’m pretty impressed especially since neither is Jewish. But love of challah is pretty universal. Maybe Ina Garten’s recent challah post on Instagram inspired the bake-along project for the duo?

The video moves on to show some impressive tap-dancing moves from Fallon and an even more impressive, short performance by Jackman for his upcoming role in the Broadway revival of The Music Man, slated for Fall 2020. The Music Man was my mother’s favorite musical, and the lyrics are notoriously tricky, moving at quite a quick speed. Jackman absolutely shines proving he truly is the greatest showman.

It’s clear that what we all need right now is more celebrities making challah. Enjoy the clip below!

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