The Most Creative Ways to Use Manischewitz This Passover

From slushies to BBQ sauce.

Whether you love or hate Manischewitz, if you grew up in America you likely have some strong feelings about the symbolic, sweet wine. Many people have warm feelings towards it and even — gulp — enjoy the taste. Others turn their nose up at it. Regardless, it occupies an important role in the American Jewish culinary landscape and on the Passover table.

And it also can make for some super fun recipes. When Jewish life hands you Manischewitz, make some Jello shots. Or sangria.

Photo credit Amy Kritzer, WhatJewWannaEat

Manischewitz Wine Slushies from What Jew Wanna Eat

Manischewitz Sangria from Spoon University

Manischewitz Jello Shots from What Jew Wanna Eat

Manischewitz Marshmallows from The Cupcake Project

Manischewitz BBQ Sauce

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