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What’s in a Name: Exploring Biblical Characters through the Meaning of their Names

Hosted By: My Jewish Learning

In this 3-part series with My Jewish Learning, Rabbi Hayim Herring will examine biblical characters through the lens of their Hebrew names. The act of naming people and other living beings in the Bible is intentional, and highly significant: a name can express a person’s destiny or reveal something about their identity. By unearthing the dimensions of Biblical characters’ names, we’ll explore how these characters grow into, or out of, their names and how these names shed light on their identities and relationships.


Hayim Herring

Rabbi Hayim Herring, Ph.D., is C.E.O. of HayimHerring.com, and specializes in strategic change and anticipatory leadership development. HayimHerring.com’s mission is “Preparing Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Organizations™.” He has served as a congregational rabbi of Beth El Synagogue in Minneapolis, MN., assistant executive director of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, and founding executive director of STAR (Synagogues: Transformation and Renewal), a foundation created by Michael Steinhardt, Edgar Bronfman, and Lynn Schusterman for synagogue innovation and rabbinic leadership development. Hayim has published over 70 scholarly and popular articles and studies primarily on the American Jewish community.
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