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Portugal’s Expulsion of the Jews

Hosted By: Jewish Study Center

The end of the Jewish presence in the Iberian Peninsula began with the Expulsion from Spain in 1492. At this point the Portuguese Golden Age and its vast maritime trade empire across Africa and Asia was just starting. But for the Jews of Portugal this was a turbulent and tragic period and by 1497 organized Jewish presence in Portugal, and by extension in the Iberian Peninsula, came to an abrupt end. The ancestral Jewish presence in the Iberian Peninsula was to become a distant and nostalgic memory.

This class will explore the following questions:
• Just what was the 1496-97 Expulsion from Portugal
• Why was this expulsion so different from all of the others?
• What were the ripple effects in Portugal itself?
• How did these events affect Jewish life in Europe and in the Ottoman Empire including the Land of Israel?
• What does this all have to do with the Jews of America?

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